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Door Lever Safety Lock

Door Lever Safety Lock

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Introducing the Door Lever Safety Lock: A multi-functional door security latch that will give parents peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their children. Designed with a 180-degree rotation, this professional security lock provides convenience for adults as it can be easily opened by pressing a button and sliding–no obstacle whatsoever! This universal handle door lock works for all your doors and will effectively prevent babies from running away or getting lost. Besides its practical use, the Door Lever Safety Lock is an indispensable tool for any parent who wants to protect their children from any unwanted risks posed by being able to open a door when not paying attention. Give yourself the assurance of knowing that your little ones are safe with the help of this security latch!




Material: Plastic
Size: 12 * 5 * 7.5cm/4.72*1.97*2.95"

Package Includes:
1 X Door Lever Lock

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