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The Marine Ravine

Car Seat Gap Slit

Car Seat Gap Slit

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Imagine never having to search for your keys, phone, or wallet again while driving! The Car Seat Gap Slit is the perfect solution to keep your belongings within reach and organized while on the go. This nifty little device fits right into the crevice of your car seat, providing easy access to essential items like your phone, cards, and cash. It's also great for holding small snacks or sunglasses. Keep your car clean and clutter-free with the Car Seat Gap Slit!


Item Name: Car Storage Box
Quantity: 1Pc(Left/Right)/2Pcs(Left + Right)
Material: Plastic
Features: Easy to Use, Durable, Car Organizer

Package Includes:
1/2 x Car Storage Box(Not Included Other Items)

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